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Hemlock Falls

Hemlock Falls is a beautiful waterfall in the Richland County Parks District, close to Mohican State Park.  Even though it’s difficult to locate, the hike to this nearly 100-foot waterfall is worth the trip! The hidden waterfall is located in Butler, Ohio. 

For thousands of years, since the last glacier left Richland County, there has been water cascading over a series of graceful falls amid mossy sandstone cliffs; along the jagged edge of the Mohican River valley, where an ancient stream tumbles through the broken earth.

For roughly the last 200 years, the place has been called Hemlock Falls. Even though the Falls has a significant presence on the timeline of Richland history, to go there is like stepping out of time altogether.

There is a primal natural beauty to Hemlock Falls that is completely transporting. Being at the falls is like being in another world, or at least, leaving this world for a while. That’s why it has been such a popular tourist destination.